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Re: Aozo Billah-e Mina Shaitan-e Rajeem
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Thursday, 17 May 2018, 1:46 pm
In Response To: Aozo Billah-e Mina Shaitan-e Rajeem (M.Iqbal Khan,Illinois,USA)

Dr Saab has got repetitive strain syndrome in his fingers writing, copying and pasting again and again that SHAITAAN is not a seperate being who crawls up your nose unless you blow out of it in the mornings!

Parrot recitation of any verse is nonsense! What you are supposed to be doing is read what is says and then do what it says.

As for someone thinking of me when I think of them, sufi ,mystical nonsense. As you do not read what Allah took the time to Reveal to us, then do not expect Him to think of you either! You have no thanks for this and He will.....

I most humbly seek shelter with God against the promptings of all evil sources including my own ego. [‘Shayitaan’ = Satan = The straying Ego = Selfish desires = Desire that rebels against the higher controls of sound judgment = Emotions that overpower Permanent Moral Values = Intrinsic or extrinsic evil prompting = Negative peer pressure = Violent emotions = Self-glorification = Anything distant from goodness and progress = False pride = A rumor monger = Fiery temperament = Slanderer = A hinderer of good = He who spreads corruption and disorder on earth = Anyone who impels others into violating Divine Commands = Bad companionship = One who deceives or charms people into violating Divine laws = Any being or influence that alienates humans from the Creator = One who deprives himself of Divine grace. 2:14, 4:38, 4:60, 4:83, 4:119, 5:90-91, 6:43, 6:143, 7:200, 17:26-27, 22:3-4, 25:28-29, 31:21, 67:5. In Hebrew, Satan = Adversary = Hinderer = One who plots against another]

With the Glorious Name of God, the Ultimate Source of Instant Beneficence and Eternal Mercy Who encompasses the entire Universe, nourishing and taking care of all things for becoming what they are meant to be, just as a mother's womb nourishes the embryo to completion without any returns. [Rahm in Rahman and Raheem encompasses all the meanings rendered. Before the next Surahs, BISMILLAH will be given a brief translation: With the Glorious Name of God, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness]

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