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Millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan
By:Ather Sunar, Jhelum
Date: Monday, 7 May 2018, 5:10 pm

Afghanistan was divided by the British colonialists through Durand Line and the Pakistani Pushtoons are still pro-Afghans. Actually Pushtoons/Pakhtoons are still spread every where throughout India also. The big film actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Dilip Kumar and others are still Indians but their homeland is Khyber Pukhtoon Khaw. That is why their pro-Indian leaders led by late Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan opposed partition of India. Afghanistan is more friendly towards India than Pakistan. The Talibans from Afghanistan is spreading killings and murders in Pakistan. Gen. Zia to please USA allowed hundreds of thousands of Afghans to settle in Pakistan particularly Karachi. They indulged in smuggling of Heroin and Klashinkovs and suicide bombings to kill Pakistanis. They spoiled the image of Pakistan.

The solution is all such illegal Afghans should be deported immediately back to Afghanistan. Thousands of such illegal Afghans have obtained National Identity Cards of Pakistan by paying bribes to our money-hungry bureaucrats/govt. servants. These illegal Afghans have even purchased costly big houses in Islamabad, Karachi etc. Hence an honest team should check their illegal NIC and cancel them. If we sent back these illegal Afghans to Afghanistan, there will be peace in our country.