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Re: The Aga Khan’s visit to Vancouver
By:Teepu Siddique, UAE
Date: Monday, 7 May 2018, 1:24 am
In Response To: The Aga Khan’s visit to Vancouver (Athar Muin, Canada)

Sorry! But this is corporate media gobbledygook, meaning nothing.
There are over a billion polytheists who follow their Brahman priests means nothing. So a few more million misled humans, so what?
Tell us about the relationship of the Canadian govt with the wealthy Agha Khanis? How did such a large number suddenly appear in Canada after they became persona non grata after the independence of East African countries? What sort of a service were they providing the cruel British oppressor colonialist? They were interlocutors furthering colonial interests. Were they not?
What shared values with Canada? It is vague. Bombing Muslims in the Middle East and Afghanistan?
Clearly in Iraq your community played the same dirty role of supporting the occupation like other Shia heretics.

Aqa Khan? A Persian/Turkish title given strength and recognition, included forcing a Gujarati community to accept him and pay tax to him, as ordered by a British court. A singularly sordid arrangement with the British tormentors of Muslims in British-India.

Tell us about the personal life of your natiq? The liaisons, affairs, gambling, usury. Is he really is your divinely appointed imam? I guess the Fivers snd Twelvers would differ and be worried how God Almighty ( nauzobillah) make such crass mistakes. Fact is you invoke Allah to justify oppression of the creation of Allah as the Brahmans do.

Has he ever said anything about the terrible genocidal ordeal of Muslims at the hands of the Great powers and Israel? No , nothing zilch. He wants the Muslims destroyed so heretical Shias and other AKs type scavengers can step in to enslave the remaining Muslims physically, economically and spirtually
Let’s get real. Even an ascetic wandering faqir would be a better role model.
Your game plan is obvious.
So tell your stories to the naive who work the salt mines to feed your ‘imam’ and his fiscal empire

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