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Who are the Iraqis? Wondrous achievements
Date: Monday, 7 May 2018, 12:35 am

Who are the Iraqis?

Every decade or so, we should remind ourselves
of who the Iraqis are:

1. Twelve-thousand years ago, they invented irrigated farming.
They got to be so good at it that, today, they can still
produce all the food they need even when "sanctions" are imposed.

2. They invented writing.

3. They figured out how to tell time and invented the 60 minutes.

4. They founded modern mathematics.
Algebra and Algorithyms were invented by the
Iraqi Mathematician "Al-Khwarizmi" around
700 AD during Al-Mamoun's Rein.

5. In the Code of Hammurabi, they invented the first
legal system thatprotects the weak, the widow and the orphan.

6. Five-thousand years ago,
they had philosophers who attempted to listevery
known thing in the world.

7. They were using Pythagoras' theorem 1,700
years before Pythagoras.

8. They invented artificial building materials,
some kind of pre-fab-crete stuff used to construct high-rise towers.

9. Ur, in southeast Iraq,
is assumed to be the place we're all descended from.

10. They were the first people to build cities and inhabit them.

11. For thousands of years, they wrote the greatest
poetry, history and"sagas" in the world.

12. Because they were great horse breeders,
they introduced the cavalry in war.

13. The Iraq Museum in Baghdad contains some of
the most outstandingstone, metal and clay sculptures
and inscriptions created in history.
Some of them are more than 7,000 years old.

14. They invented the wheel.

15. The first school for astronomers was established by
Iraqis. This is how the "wise men" got to be so wise.
They knew how to follow the star.

15. Beginning around 800 A.D., the Iraqis founded universities
that imported teachers from throughout the civilized world
to teach medicine,mathematics, philosophy, theology,
literature and poetry.
Al-Mustansyria University in Baghdad around 900 AD,

16. For the first 1,200 years of its existence, Baghdad was
regarded as one of the most refined, civilised and
festive cities in the world.

17. Abraham, the father of Judaism,
was from Iraq near today's city of Al-A'mara.