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Futile debates
By:Sikandar Hayat, Bangkok
Date: Sunday, 6 May 2018, 3:11 pm

As a Muslim I wouldn't like to indulge in futile debates as it produces no positive results but it does expose the vulnerabilities of Muslim community like extreme fracturing lines among various Fiqhs n Firqas.No one is allowed in Quran to be critical or judgemental on other faith or Fiqha.Remember Quraan states "your Deen for you n my Deen for me and that no compulsion in Deen.So Muslim does not use a harsh or abusive language for any one even the arch enemy.Those who do not follow the Quranic guidance should not identify himself as Muslim .Also please fear Allah if you do so no body is bad or inferior as Allah,s creations are His blessings and Humans are the Best ( Ashrafulmakhlooqat ) so cursing his Makhlooq is very serious sin.
One may have his opinion about any subject including the faith but in a decent manner.Those who use harsh and abusive language are either non Muslims or Inhumans .Lets respect all faiths,all opinions,all views and pray to Allah for true guidance.
Remember those who can't control their emotions over difference of opinions about religion,sect,tribe,country .culture,cast,creed,colour etc is Not Human and have no right to stay on the planet earth.Allah knows the best.

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Futile debates
Sikandar Hayat, Bangkok -- Sunday, 6 May 2018, 3:11 pm
Re: Futile debates
Shahalam, TX -- Sunday, 6 May 2018, 5:22 pm