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By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Thursday, 3 May 2018, 12:52 am

Yes, we should extinguish such fire that is destroying Islam and true Muslims. A major sin against Allah. Although, there is another biggest and worst fire against Allah is going on.

Allah knows about such HIS enemies who wants to extinguish HIS Light. HE has mentioned in the Quran.

We know exactly HIS real enemies. Who has already extinguished the Light of Allah for some.

The fake Imam Agakhan an atheist has rejected Allah, Islam and the Quran, but worst he has kept his followers away from Allah and Islam and Quran is made haram for them.

Claiming to be the 'walking talking Quran' and he must be followed and worshiped as god.

His obedient slaves obey his every word.

He has his followers in the devil's Chain and plays with them like Yo Yo.

He is definitely a Dajjal and playing the part of dajjal perfectly.

He is not just the fake Imam, but a looter, a liar, cheater, deceiver, fraudster, running Ponzi schemes in the name of Charity foundations. He is sucking millions from his followers their blood money by selling them the cultic religious rituals and selling tickets to enter Paradise owned by him as his claim. One must pay him every month his welfare cheque of 12 % of monthly income, if refused then one must be killed as a traitor to Imam.

He forgives sins every month by cash payment, he also forgives the suffering in the Grave-Kabr ni Bhid, forgiveness of abortion, adultery, fornication with lots of cash, safe journey by paying cash, to get a job pay him first, to get a Son pay him first, to get rid off any disease pay cash first and pray to him. His followers stand in front of his photo and pray to him and ask for everything.

He has extinguish the Light of Allah for his followers.

Now working hard to influence Muslims to join him and his evil cult in the name of Pluralism.

Like the fake Muslims have joined him and working for him to spread the dajjal's dirty tricks among Muslims

Fight of Muslims against other sects is a danger but the fight of fake Imam against Allah is the most dangerous and a heinous crime-sin. He is a staunch enemy of Allah.

Who can stop this dajjal's fight against Allah?

Fake Imam's fight is like the fight of pagans against Rasool SAWS who was protected by Allah. No doubt his Uncle Abu Talib loved him but not his religion Islam, he chose his pagan Idol gods, he didn't fight for Islam but against Islam and he never supported Islam the religion of Allah. That's why he never accepted Islam nor become Muslim.

Though, he never lied about his cult or used fake ID like the fake Imam is lying and using the fake ID of Islam for his cult and fake ID of Shia Muslim. He is worst than Abu Talib. His Pagan belief is continued by Agakhan who is worshiped as god-Khuda. He is pouring Ice cold water on the hard work of Rasool SAWS. Who tried hard to remove Idol worshiping but devil dajjal has revived it and misleading his followers to the path of hell fire.

Shaban Mubarak

Salaam/peace//A convert to Islam from dajjali cult.///www.Ismailitoislam.com///www.Insideismailism