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Re: Shabe baraat, it's rituals
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 12:19 am
In Response To: Shabe baraat, it's rituals (Abida Rahmani, RWP)

Shaban Mubarak to true Muslims: Let us keep our Shaban pure and bring an end of rhetoric from the kufars and fake Muslims who has no idea what is Shaban. Let us stop communicating with such kufars.

This is useless argument on a matter of 14C old history, some fabricated and lied about. We know what the liars can do; they are worst terrorists. Allah warned about such groups who were lying to Rasool SAWS. Like the fake Imam Agakhan-atheist lying, looting in the name of religion and using the fake ID of Shia.

Such attitude of hatred started 14c. ago on a matter of grabbing the power of Caliphate and wealth. Like Natanyahu stealing lands in the name of religion, and killing innocents.

The 14C fight among Muslims was the political fight and not the Religious fight. They were all Sunni Muslims like Caliph H. Ali (RA).

He would chop off the heads of any anti-Islamic rhetoric and kufar actions of changing Islam and making Bida..He never uttered or promoted the concept of 'Sects' that is anti-Allah's order dividing the Muslim Ummah.

Thanks to Allah, it was closed down after 12 Imams, like the 12 Christian Apostles --was copied. The trouble makers continued illegally after 12 Imams. Shame.

When we talk about Shia, which of the 45 sects of Shia are we talking about? Hope we are not including Agakhan as Shia--but kufar.

They all hate each other for the love of their Sectarian Imams and don't even share their Musalla or Masjids with each other. Agakhani Jamat khana temple's doors are closed for non-Ismailis-even for Shias. Their secret cult is kept a secret to fool Muslims and kill them. In Pakistan the converts are killed by the Imami Jihadis, but the corrupted Pakistani Media reporting: Shia Sunni fight and Taliban killing. Can you use your brains to fight the real enemies?

Though, all the Shias have accepted Islam--sadly have made many Bida that is in opposition to Allah's order and the teaching of Rasool SAWS and the practices of H. Ali (RA) -staunch Sunni Muslim.

As people most of them are wonderful people, except some are hatemongers and loves to fight and kill. Some Afghani Ismailis known as assassins are killing the Muslims for practicing Islam. Same with Syrian Ismailis killing for the hate of Islam, and many Shia groups killing for the hatred of each other and for the power.

They are clearly considered fake Muslim like ISIS etc.

Muslims needs to be watchful of the fake Muslims- most dangerous, who are doing more harm to Islam than the non-Muslims.

Apostates supporting the Dajjal in the name of 'Pluralism' to cheat the Muslims. Such hypocrites are trying to eliminate Islam like the fake Imam has eliminated Islam for himself and his followers. He visits them to collect more cash from them and keep them happy by giving them his deedar and devil's blessings.

Salaam/peace///Shabaan Mubarak

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