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To all (Zoroastrian) women
By:Farida Spencer, Tehran
Date: Tuesday, 1 May 2018, 5:17 pm

Fear has 2 meanings:Forget everything and run - or face everything and Rise: The Choice is Yours.

To all Zoroastrian women:

Women were put

On this Earth

To even the balance

Of power

Giving woman

Extra ordinary strength

Not to fold or cower

If the `Souls

`In "Heaven or Hell"

Had electronic communication

They would be

In constant touch

Letting us know"

If there is

"Segregation" Racism"

"Discrimination" as well "Bigotry"

Amidst the "Soul Community"`

"You may write me

Down in history

With your bitter

Twisted lies

You may tread

Me in the very dirt

But like the dust

I rise"

"You want me broken

Bowed head,& lowered eyes

Shoulders falling like tear drops

Weakened by your soulful cries"

"You may shoot me

With your words

You may cut me

With your eyes

You may kill me

With your hatefulness

But still like air

I Rise"

Choicest Happiness


PS adapted from the poem "I Rise" by Maya Angelou.