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Are we destroying the Earth?
By:Silky Kaur, Amritsar
Date: Friday, 27 April 2018, 5:15 pm

Are we destroying the Earth?
Dead Fish - due to pollution

Pollution destroys water-bodies and the oceans, killing all life, slowly but surely.

One day my sons Mohit and Pavit and I drove through the the middle of the city. We passed a stream, which flowed into what was previously a pristine river.

We humans had turned the beautiful gift of life, the river, provided to us by nature, into a sewer.

I sighed and shook my head muttering, "What the hell are we doing to our environment? If this continues we humans will destroy the world. We must save the Earth?"
Pollution d79 The dirtied river

Choked and polluted streams attract pigs and disease

Mohit responded,
"Dad, if we do not respect nature, how can we expect nature to respect us?

Humans cannot destroy the Earth though we are causing much damage and numerous ugly scars. It is the arrogance of us humans, that we think we are going to save the Earth.

Albatross - Wildlife Lost Dead Bird -killed by plastic

Bird dies from eating junk, mistaking plastic for food

The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and humans for only 7 million years. What we humans are really doing is, we are destroying ourselves and our future generations.

At the rate we are going, we humans will be extinct pretty soon. In 20,000 or even a 100,000 years Earth will simply recalibrate and reset itself without humans"

No one spoke a word for the next three hours.
Our earth A07 nyp3

22nd April is marked as Earth Day.
Countless speeches, media articles, editorials, and Facebook comments will change little or nothing.

Unfortunately many religions, ideologies, and governments preach that nature belongs to Man for his pleasure and exploitation. The truth is, Humans are not apart from but an integral component of nature.

We can only survive as a species if there is respect. Respect for all nature, all life, different people, faiths, thoughts and cultures.