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Re: islam-shaped-enlightenment
By:Shahalam, TX
Date: Friday, 20 April 2018, 5:59 pm
In Response To: islam-shaped-enlightenment (Samiullah Malik, Karachi)

The word enlightenment is a fuzzy notion in religion. Enlightenment is an afterthought of religion, in some cases evading from historical or medieval time to modern time to make it fit for current life. Historical epoch generally rules religious ideas. For example, Bible says, kill the one who works on Sundays. Or there are 39 prohibited acts including use of electricity in Sabbath. Similar rule Muslims via Hadith.

When we talk about enlightenment, the word that generally comes to mind is ‘to make use of human reason’ which finds legitimacy in challenging old out of date paradigms. It was a movement in Europe commanding people to think, scrutinize, questioning dogmas, and superstitions including in religion. Dare to be wise, dare to use intellect were the call rather than make oneself hostage to dogmatic beliefs, but make it compatible to fitful mind.

The outcome of enlightenment is that today many Christians do not literally follow religion. Some change meanings of the passages of Bible, others outright ignore them and move on. The influence of enlightenment also reached Muslims (example, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s part of his Tafseer of Quran). It is not surprising that similar course that Europe had are also noticeable among some Muslims section. How many not attending pre dawn prayer in mosque, not praying five times, not making 30 fast, dine with wine could be seen as deliberate than mistake. Some yet to find a flying horse than believing in it, or find its different meaning corroborating the mind. Saudi’s current yuppie prince-king looks bigotry from the ‘right’ eye, enlightened from the ‘left’ eye, closer to the heart.

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