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Dualism of Muslim Mind
By:Shahalam, TX
Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 5:58 pm

Muslims generally, by innocence, habit or compulsion have dualistic attitude. They think, some are like us, belong to our sect, not our sect, share or do not share our religious opinions. Those who are not like us are different than Muslims, Shia, Sunni, Brelvi, Wahabi, or even outright Kafir. Our commitment to our sect is such that we believe that our way is the right way in the eyes of Allah. We are frustrated by those not belonging to our sects and in some extreme emotional cases kill them.

Conditionings of such irrationality are actively promoted by the mafias of religious stalwarts. Such dualistic ideas create only a bad society and nothing good can come out it. Without altering such mind sets, without altering such capacity of irrationality only backward society takes place. Did God ever ask us to be Shia, Sunni or other? Did he tell us that one should be sectarian to be righteous? Or, He only laid down some other conditions to be righteous, without mentioning sect.

So, it is surprising that Kaukab Siddique, being religious boss has mentioned the term ‘Shite-alawite’ in his post below. Being chronic dualistic, he could not see it critically that its only the ‘bad Muslim groups’ in Syria that are at loggerhead at each other, which should be taken as such.

That shows the gravity of nonsense of some Muslim mind.