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Syrian Government and Chemical attack
By:Khalida Awan, Kuwait
Date: Saturday, 14 April 2018, 9:45 pm

This News can give you an idea who is with who. We have been getting alerts from the beginning of this month about dangerous situation Our cell phone company sending messages about how they will alert in chaotic situation. So, your friends US and UK and Framce already decided to go for WW lll. And US is using same ideology what Trump's predecessor Bush did. Bush Did 9ll and have Saudi Malooni government help in the false flag. Now they created White Helmet who do all false chemical attack to make it look like so much wrong going on in Syria.

Why would Syrian Government do Chemical attack where they are winning in getting rid of Kaukab Siddique's lSlS from Ghouta and then American says they are leaving Syria?

This is what this clip shows the hypocrisy of British Media.

Sadqain Syed