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China may own Pakistan
By:Abida Rahmani, RWP
Date: Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 8:21 pm

An important Message for Pakistanis
All People of Pakistan should stand up, for passing a law that "Foreigners Cannot Buy Land in Pakistan and Start Business without Local Pakistani Sponsorship" . If we don't stand now, then Chinese will buy all land of Pakistan, (they have money to buy)and one day our coming generations will be standing like Palestinians to get their land back... ,
Pass this to as many people you can, to make this voice heard to make the required Laws... . Also they cannot start their business in Pakistan without keeping 55% share holder to LOCAL Pakistani, along with yearly money just like gulf states, UAE, KSA etc and China mainland itself is doing for the betterment of their state and citizens.

Pray for Pakistan, God Bless Pakistan..
A request from a Pakistani.

must fwd it ☝to as many as u can, specially to
intelectuals + politicians + lawyers+media concerns...
I did my job the rest is yours.

Thanks and regards,