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Iqbal & the Quran
By:Engr Awais Durrani Islamabad
Date: Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 2:27 am

I will avoid Persian poetry of Iqbal & confine to translation only. The evolutionists hold the pinion that the world is not merely changing but it is developing towards perfection.
The changes are not haphazard nor erratic.They show a direction.Physics shows a picture of a developing & expanding universe.
Biologists describe in minute ,ornate detail the evolution of life from the protozoa & protophyta to Homo sapiens man . It is true that with the exception of few biologists reject the concept of purpose as alien to science .But for the man who looks at the world with an untainted mind, purpose is a fact of observation.
We understand a thing when we know its end. Nothing around us stays as it is at one particular moment ,it is always changing & becoming something different to what it is.
As a rule , we are much less interested in a thing as it is than in what it is tending to become. Suppose while taking a walk we meet a man who is running fast .
It is not by determining his exact location at a particular moment that we understand his activity ,but by learning about his purpose & the goal he is heading for.
The physical world as it develops ,is accomplishing a purpose.Although the physical world is not conscious of the purpose ,nevertheless it is, in a sense , its purpose which enhances its value & enriches it with new attributes .The purpose is positive & operates objectively . We may say that the world is destined to move towards its designated goal by Allah.
This holds for the universe. With man the case is quite different .Possessing a free will & choice, he can develop and attain his end only by free choice & efforts.
Man can't be forced to develop ;he must develop himself. Because man grows , he is compared with with a plant in Quran.The seed germinates & puts forth a young shoot. The tiny stalk grows in bulk & height . It becomes the full grown tree bearing fruit. It has fulfilled its purpose by reproducing its kind.
Man takes its origin in the fertilised ovum. After birth , he grows in size & strength till he reaches maturity & is ready for procreation.The analogy can't be carried beyond this point.Man when he has begotten children , has not fulfilled his purpose but he posses a NAFS/SELF . His destiny is far different from a plant. He is not mere an instrument for preservation of his race . His body after bringing children, has fulfilled the purpose but ha has a SELF & the self does not beget its like.It does not procreate as Quran says about Divine SELF " He neither begetteth nor He is begotten (112/3).. This is also true of human self which,though infinitely lower than the Divine Self ,has more in common with it than with physical objects or animals.The self's activity is creative & not procreative. (Next)