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Muslims ignore the Quran
By:Syed Sadruddin, Canada
Date: Sunday, 8 April 2018, 3:52 pm

Our government as a last resort has announced the tax amnesty scheme to 'welcome' back the looted wealth of our Islamic country. Bhutto had also ordered a similar step. Power hunger, Money hunger and practice of Falsehood are three main weaknesses of our society.

We forget that Islam is based Truth and nothing but the Truth. Actually this is the first PILLAR of ISLAM. But due to common practice of falsehood, false oaths, false promises, bluff etc. even our Mulla community promise Jannah to donors to fulfill their craze of building of Masajid/Madressahs every where, legally and illegally.

Hence to create fear of Allah, we should read, understand and follow the entire Mohukhmath/specific Guidance (3:7) on all maters of life with solutions to our problems. But we still read, recite, do memorization/Hifz of Holy Quran without understanding and also try to learn Arabic as if Allah is Arabic knowing only.

Hence lack of Quranic knowledge on our part give rise to priesthood and e ven a bogus Prophet to act as our 'Wasila' to Allah prohibited by Allah as all are equal before him. This has resulted in practice of Shirk and Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, following Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Taghoots, demi Gods, and their Tawaiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special Dua and Mazar worship of dead saints etc.----all against Allah's Holy Quranic Mohukmaths.

Besides, taking advantage of our Quranic ignorance, many sects, sub sects, Maslak, Fiqah differences, religious groups and political religious parties headed by exploiting Mullas with lacs/lakhs of blind followers have been established to dominate and divide us. Instead of being moderate Muslims as Ummaath Wasth, we are practicing religious extremism, excesses and over-acting in religious matters& nbsp;and rituals, exploitation, deviation, divisions, etc. so much so our Masajid are also divided.

Lastly the only solution is that Pakistan being an Islamic state all the Masajid and Madressahs/religious seminaries be nationalized. The Madressahs be upgraded into schools with Quran and its translation/explanation as one of the subjects as in Arabia. Islam is not a theology only but a complete way of life/religion (5:3) and theology/Mazhab is only a part of our noble Deen.

Our government should be bold enough to save Islam from exploitation, extremism, sectariani sm, Talibanism, deviation, bogus middle men/ Wasilas, bogus Prophetic claimants, Pirs, Faqirs, Babas etc. All private religious publications, news papers, flyers with fabricated and weak Hadiths etc. should be banned and only government approved Ulema Council's publication according to Quran be allowed. Thanks. Please support this honest request in the name of Allah as Muslims are killing Muslims too.

Syed Sadruddin Hussain.

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Muslims ignore the Quran
Syed Sadruddin, Canada -- Sunday, 8 April 2018, 3:52 pm
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Muhammad Rafi Karachi -- Sunday, 8 April 2018, 5:50 pm