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Re: We, the lovers of the ahlulbayt
Date: Tuesday, 3 April 2018, 8:34 pm
In Response To: We, the lovers of the ahlulbayt (Ebrahim Rashid, Bahrain)

Peace my Brother,I have to bring to your attention what Allah says in the only Book He gave to Prophet Muhammad,and the Only One we (including Prophet Muhammad)were commanded to follow,please read

Sura 33:2.Follow what is revealed to you by your Lord.Verily God is all knowing all wise.

Sura 38:29.We have sent down a Book to you which is blessed,so that people may apply
their minds to its revelations,and the men of wisdom may reflect.

Sura 43:43.So hold fast to what has been revealed to you.You are truly on the
right path.
68.O My creatures,there will be no fear or regret
69.For(those of)you on that day who believed in My revelations and submitted.

Sura 6:155,Blessed is this Book We have revealed;So follow it and preserve yourself from
evil that you may qualify for grace.

Read also Sura 7:3,Sura 47:2,3.Sura 5:49, and many ,many more. Where in the Qur'an does it say that Imam Ali was to be Prophet Muhammad's successor,just give me one single verse?Remember that anything Allah wants to send or give to anyone none can stop it,and whatever He does not want to give to anyone ,it will not reach him(her). Where in the Qur'an does it say that any of your Imams were (1)INFALLIBLE (2)SINLESS (3)PERFECT.(4)THAT WE HAVE TO STUDY THE SCHOOL OF AHLULBAYT WITH AN OPEN MIND? However it does say in many verses to study the Qur'an THE ONLY BOOK WHICH HE GAVE TO PROPHET MUHAMMAD,WHO IN TURN OBEDIENTLY DELIVERED IT TO US.(5)NO WHERE IN THE QUR'AN DOES IT SAY TO CALL ON YOUR IMAMS,RATHER ALLAH SAYS TO CALL ON HIM Read Sura2:186.

You spend so much time following "HEARSAY"and so little time studying the BOOK OF ALLAH.You have so much hearsay prophecies of Muhammad ,but the Qur'an says that he only knows what was revealed to him,and that he doesn't know the future.Sura 46:9, You practice so much NON QUR'ANIC TEACHINGS example no where in the Qur'an the punishment for Apostasy,Blasphemy,Adultery etc is death by stoning or any death penalty?

Where is the Sect SHIA mentioned in the Qur'an,as the one we should follow?Rather all forms of Sectarianism is condemned read Sura2:135, 136,Sura3:95,103,105,Sura6:159,161,and many more.
I have been to your Friday Jumah a few years ago,what I did notice was that you verbally mention Muhammad as much as Allah ,maybe a little more or a little less,but too much.Please read Sura72:18,20, Sura 39:45, Sura 40:12,Sura 7:89,Sura 17:46, and many more,I wasted a lot of years in the past studying other than the Book of Allah ,The Qur'an ,that change for me came about8 years ago by the mercy of Allah,in closing I give to you the advice that is found all over the Qur'an,all that is practiced in any Religion ,including yours that has no support in the Qur'an ,forget it,go back to the Qur'an for any and all instructions in following and practicing the Deen of Allah. Tayo Pa.

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