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Kingship is not Islam
By:Ebrahim Rashid, Kenya
Date: Monday, 2 April 2018, 3:23 pm

Salamun alaykum

There were so many people surrounding the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his immaculate progeny) who witnessed the revelations, his miracles, ate and drank with him, walked and talked with him yet they remained munafiq. The number of such people was so many that a whole sura was revealed under the title of "Surah Munafiqoon."

Fourteen hundred years have passed since the holy Prophet came and went. It is a fact that as soon as the holy Prophet breathe his last and closed his eyes, Islam was hijacked and turned into a political football, sometimes in the hands of Banu Umayya, sometimes in the hands of Banu Abbas and now in the hands of Banu Sa'ud.

The sworn of enemies of Allah, Islam, the holy Prophet and his ahlulbayt had sown seeds of hatred against the flesh and blood of the holy Prophet the effect of which is quite manifest even in this day and age.

If those munfiqoon could not understand the status of the Prophet of Allah and his message then, is it surprising to see the so called Muslims interpreting Islam according to their own fantasies (which they have inherited from their abbus) today?

These munafiqoon have tried to understand the holy Prophet and his message as propagated by their ancestors rather than the holy household and direct heirs of the holy Prophet's knowledge.

Our job is to draw the attention of the world towards the true, rightful, genuine and authentic successors of the holy Prophet who are the best role models and source of knowledge after the holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon them all) for the Muslim ummah.

We invite people to study the history of Islam academically, free of bias and with an open mind.

Any fair minded person seeking truth has to search for concrete evidence in support of their claim. It is not just, right and fair to accuse anybody or comment on matters one has no knowledge about.

Insha allah if Allah wills, discussions like this may be a stepping stone someone somewhere in discovering the Right Path.


What do expect to find in a book written by a Zionist on Islam and Muslims?

What do you expect to hear from a Christian evangelist giving a talk on Islam and Muslims to his congregation?

What do you expect to hear from a Wahhabi talking about the School of the ahlulbayt?

Carrying out your own independent, academic and unbiased research on the school of the ahlulbayt does NOT mean that you have to surrender your beliefs. It simply means to look at both sides of the coin. Compare the result of your exploration with what you have been informed. How truth has been revealed to you and how many facts are kept under cover.