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By:Dr. Ahmed Soboh, London
Date: Saturday, 31 March 2018, 10:32 pm

As-Salaamu Alaykum

March 30, 2018

"Say: We will never be afflicted with anything except what Allah has decreed for us"

Dear Community members, leaders and imams,

When the tides of Islamophobia are at their highest, we tend to worry when we hear news about any ill intended plan against our community.

While we cannot stress enough on the importance of taking precautions, and staying vigilant, at the same time we should not forget that our faith teaches us to put our faith in God and his ability to protect and preserve us. One of his beautiful names is Al Hafez, which means, "The Protector."

When our beloved Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), was advising his teenage cousin, he gave him a golden rule to help him sail through the fears of life: " Oh son, if the whole world gathered to harm you with something that Allah did not want it afflict you, be assured that it will never harm you."

At these times, besides doing our best to protect our community, its members are also expecting from us to be. comforting voices, reassuring leaders, and calming forces in the midst of all the craziness and negativity, just as prophet Mohammad (pbuh) commanded us when he said: "Be the bearers of glad tidings, not the bearers of bad news."

We tend to criticize those who have unnecessary fear from Muslims, we call it Islamophobia. We should question ourselves, are we acting similarly when hearing a rumor or a far news about a a hateful action? Are we helping them fulfill their missions of inflicting fear upon us, by promoting their plans and amplifying their voices? Even worse, are we opening the eyes of someone who is willing to carry out the harm?

These are tough times for the American Muslim community, but there are many positive things happening around us that we can direct our attention to instead, indeed "one bad thing, might bring a lot of goodness with it."

The support of the interfaith community, the increase in the number of friends and allies that we see every time a hateful message is directed towards us, the success stories of our member organizations in protecting our rights and promoting our causes, and the examples of resilience and sustainability our community has shown, are all positive things to celebrate and rejoice.

One of the great initiatives that been called for in the past few days, and been adopted by several local interfaith groups is "Love a Muslim Day," which is planned to be on April 3rd as a counter to the negative campaign planned on the same day. Let us promote that to our circles and encourage everyone to show love and support to our community.

And if you receive any act of love or kindness on April 3rd, please show thanks and appreciation, and share it with us so we can promote positivity and kindness, instead of negativity and hate.

May Allah protect us all from all harms and give us the best of both of worlds.

Dr. Ahmed Soboh