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By:Hussein Lumumba Amin, Uganda
Date: Thursday, 29 March 2018, 10:45 pm


When the head of a purportedly national volunteer group like the so-called 'Crime Preventers' publicly declares that "We are ready to kill for Museveni", history shows hoards of extremist and fascist groups all operating in similar ultra-loyalist fashion. This is exactly how in the 1980's Ugandans saw similar ideology and the related utterances by the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) which had a notorious Youth Wing that ended up committing the worst bloodbath, mass killings and genocide alongside the infamous blood-thirsty UNLA army of Milton Obote. This UPC Youth wing was led by one young "lawyer" called George Okello, and they were similarly "ready to kill for Obote".

At the time, every UPC Youth was a member of the party militia which also roamed in every district and every village. And it is in the famous Luweero district and Buganda region in general that they committed the worst atrocities in partnership with their rogue, indisciplined, rag-tag UNLA army of the infamous "Acholi soldiers" where together they hacked to death over 500,000 Ugandans, mostly innocent peasants, and dumped there remains in mass graves that can be seen to this day. Young Ugandans should not be made to forget those Obote II skulls and human skeletons of Luweero that haunted their parents for two decades since the 1980 so-called Bush war. Today, in this 21st century, to hear these "oaths of death" by national youth volunteer militia leaders, is proof that everyone, including the international community, has done a good job in not only burying our heads in the sand from this country's genocidal realities, we have also done a good job in covering the parts of our history that inconvenience some of our politicians, most of whom where directly or indirectly perpetrators of the 1980's Obote-Museveni bloodbath. While the elders might be hearing alarm bells ringing, the younger generation is not even aware of the dangers behind this kind of clearly inflammatory gibberish.
The youths have not been raised to build the future nor to understand the full implications of their utterances, and are therefore in the unenviable position of being foolishly capable of making history repeat itself thanks to stupidity mostly induced by poverty, an obvious lack of substantive professionalism, poor mentorship & training, plus little education/knowledge in political history. It is important that in this new millenium, we focus on re-establishing sound institutionalism, develop the full economic potential of this country, uplift living standards across rural Uganda, provide meaningful health and education services nation-wide, build costly infrastructure of the future in every corner of the country, foster economic growth and self-sufficiency in all fields, fight the endemic corruption in the public service system, curb the ever rising criminality and rampant murders, re-establish respect for the rule of law across society, ensure socio-political stability, and rebuild the legitimate government institutions that can effectively secure the lives and property of Ugandans rather than perpetuate the probable hooliganism of an overzealous interahamwe-like, machete-weilding, regime survival reserve militia that is not only said to be behind the huge wave of rising criminality and killings/murders across the country, they are also obviously neither committed nor concerned about serving the people of Uganda.
For once let us all start being loyal to Uganda.
By Hussein Lumumba Amin