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To those who propagate Quran
By:Engr Awais Durrani Islamabad
Date: Saturday, 24 March 2018, 2:28 am

The Role of the Messenger :
The role of every Mubaligh (messenger) should be equipped with affection,love & peace .All these messengers were the greatest psychologists of their times & subsequently it converted into lifeless skeleton of ritual which created psychological diseases (Qoloobun Marazun ) & theses are now a days addressed by psychoanalysts by purifying their sub-conscious .
Those deprived from affection & love of their parents in their childhood , are vulnerable to these psychological disorders , as a consequence they become rigid & inflexible & a vacuum is created permanently in their personalities.
The term RAHMATUN is from the womb of a mother where child nourishes with extreme flexibility & affection , no other example than Rahmah , suits to such environments . This affection is commenced right from the beginning when mother is feeding this child through her blood & so flexible is that womb that it expands with the growth of the child .
When child is born then the milk of the mother is mixed with her love & affection but on the other hand the child who is deprived of this affectionate milk ,becomes rigid & quarreling & psycho .Now this vacuum can only be filled through affection (Mawadda) .
A Rasul also treats his patients with such love & affection & he not only delivers them message but his behaviour is like mother's behaviour .3/159= " This was the desire of Allah that your behaviour is the behaviour of a mother , in case of rigidity they all would have run away " In other aya 9/128 " min anfusikum " This messenger is one of you ,he can't sleep at your minutest harm but "Harisun alaikum " He is greedy like a mother ( to bring all those things which a child demands from a mother) & Rauf -ur-Rahimun for momineen. " He is treating this vacuum through affection& love to change their psychology .
What is the result of this affection ? Quran replies 33/6= " This messenger has become more lovely to mominoon in comparison to their own lives " This is Seerat ur Rasool " a standard to be followed by every MUBALIGH . Let us not ridicule one another for merely defeating other to become winner . (Baghyan baynahum) .We are all here to convey this message & never to ridicule which will be a disservice & there would be no difference between us & clergy.