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Sufis do not receive 'Wahi'
By:Shaista Jabeen, Delhi
Date: Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 9:58 pm

Sufis do not believe they get Wahi

Wahi-e-sareeh is only for prophets ( Wahi through Gabriel a.s.)). That door is now closed.
Other than that everyone gets wahi. Even honey bee, as the verse is in Surah Nahal. I sent wahi ( Aouha) to honey bee.
Everyone gets hunches.
Aoulia Allah and even common person gets Ilham, Ilqa. Mukashifa. True dreams . But these are not guaranteed.
( We do not call it wahi just to differentiate ).

If any Ilqa, Ilham, Mukashifa, dream is against Wahi of Nabi (SAWW) then it is rejected.
Ilham and Mukashifat of Aoulai Allah are million times more powerful and authentic than a common person but do not stand in front of wahi of a Nabi.

True sufis are pious people and their darajah is only after Prophets and Sahabah. They follow Quran and Sunnah and hadiths.
Show me one sufi or one Brelvi who ever rejected any hadiths. We do not reject even a zaeef hadiths,
The only hadiths sufis reject are those that are classed as zaeef.

Sufis do have the knowledge of ilm-e-deen and shairah. Without ilm no one can reach perfection in vilayah.

Question: sufis don't do jihad.
Answer: They do jihad agaisnt Kuffar but when two muslim parties fight then they don't. Hz Najmuddin Kubra (was old and blind but still fought against tatari and got killed.
On the other hand Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) urged people to help Imam Zaid in jihad but did not take part himself because his responsibility was Ilm of Fiqah.

Another Questions: Sufis do seclusion"
Answer: Seclusion is not compulsory. However ask yourself why Prophet (SAWW) used to go to Ghar-e-Hira? Why Allah (SWT) asked Musa (AS) to come to the mountain of Tur for 40 days?

Question: Sufis don't get married.
Answer: It is very rare for sufis not to get married. The one who did not, may be they were poor and could not find means to get married. May be physically they were not able to get married. But is their any sufi whoever suggested others not to get married? Even there are thousands and thousands of comm

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Sufis do not receive 'Wahi'
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Sufis do not receive 'Wahi'
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Sufis do not receive 'Wahi'
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