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The Second Coming Of Jesus-When?
Date: Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 7:20 pm

Peace ,the second coming of Jesus is a much talked about event(?) by Christians and N2I,even giving their version of the supposed details,what puzzles me is the event is addressed in the four Gospel versions in the Bible,and every one of them had a very clear verse as to when the event was supposed to happen,

Gospel of Mark 13:1-32,gives a lot of details ,but what is striking is the time Jesus said it would happen
verse 30.Verily I(Jesus)say unto you,that this generation shall not pass,
till all these things be done.
You can read all the previous verses with all the details

Now let us look at the Gospel of Matthew24:1-36,
verse 34.Verily I(Jesus)say unto you,this generation shall not pass ,till all
these things be fulfilled.

Now let us look at the Gospel of Luke 21:6-33,
verse 32.Verily I(Jesus)say unto you,This generation shall not pass away,
till all be fulfilled.
Finally let us look at the Gospel of Matthew 16:verses 27,28,
verse 27.For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his
angels;and he shall reward every man according to his works.
verse 28.Verily I say unto you,There be some standing here ,which shall not
taste of death ,till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

Now there could be one of 3 conclusion to this "Second coming episode.
(1)It was a metaphorical statement.
(2)Those verses were inserted to the sayings of Jesus by a later writer.
(3)If taken literally,it never happened as that generation which Jesus lived in are all dead,including Jesus.

Now let me address N2I followers.(1)The Second Coming Of Jesus is not found anywhere in the Qur'an,not even once,although the story of Lot is mentioned several times,the story of Moses and Pharaoh is mentioned several times,the people of Hud,Thamud, Ad, are mentioned a few times etc., so why something as important (?)as the second coming of Jesus is never mentioned,not even once.

The verse in the Qur'an Sura 43:61,which many Sectarian translators insert Jesus,which is not in the original Arabic,neither any connection to any other verses in the Qur'an relating to the end time. let us look at how it is translated by a few translators

Sura 43:61.And behold, this[divine writ]is indeed a means to know [that]the
Last Hour[is bound to come];hence have no doubt about it,but
follow Me:this [alone] is a straight way.[Muhammad Assad's Translation]

Sura 43:61.This (Qur'an)gives knowledge of the coming Revolution .So,bear no
doubt about it,and follow Me.This alone is the straight path.[QXP]

Sura 43:61.And this (revelation)is surely knowledge of the Hour,so have no doubt
about it and follow me.this is the right path.[Muhammad Ali translation]

See also M.M.Pickthall,Shakir,Abdel Haleem, Amatul Rahman Omar,Dr.Kamal Omar,T.B.Irving ,etc., Translations.
Other reasons the Qur'an does not mention any second coming of Jesus are,in more than one verse it is clear that it says that Jesus is dead.

Sura3:144.Muhammad is no more than a Messenger:many were the Messengers that
passed away before him...[Abdullah Yusuf's translation]

This verse is clear the Messengers before Muhammad passed away[died] no exception is made to Jesus,as Allah is always
clear in making exceptions.

Sura5:117.Nothing did I tell them beyond what Thou didst bid me[to say]:
Worship God ,[Who is] my Sustainer.And I bore witness to what
they did as long as I dwelt in their midst ;but since Thou has caused
me[Jesus] to die,Thou alone hast been their keeper:For Thou art witness
to everything.[Muhammad Assad's translation]

Sura 3:55.God said ,"O Jesus I will cause you to die of natural causes,I will exalt
you in My Sight and will clear you of the slander of the disbelievers.
And will cause those who truly follow you to dominate those who reject ,
until the Day of Resurrection.Eventually, all of you will return to Me .
Then I will judge among you about that wherein you used differ."[QXP]

Sura 5:117 a prophecy which is clear in relation to the Day of Judgment ,when Jesus is questioned, he says he did not know what people (some of his so-called followers)did after he died(not by crucifixion ,nor killed)a natural death. Also Sura3:55 which says that the exalting of Jesus was after he died and not before his death,so there was no physical going up to heaven alive in a body of flesh ,blood and bones.The point is that the exalting was in the Sight of Allah.

The "BIG PROBLEM" with N2I is that the exalt the words of men ,mere hearsay above the Word of Allah The Qur'an ,and Allah addresses that also in a prophecy which every one who professes to be Muslim ,should read over and over and ponder on it.

Sura 25:30.And the Messenger will say ,"O My Sustainer!These are my people who
had forsaken this Qur'an making it of no account." [QXP]