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Religion and Morality
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Friday, 16 March 2018, 8:05 pm

There are thoughts whether people can be morally sound without believing in religion. Examples presented are the atheists which can be no less moral than the religious people despite disbelieving in God. Question is raised, do human morality emerges from religion. Or the religion itself dependent on morality, since morality existed, a priori, before religion was born. What relations exist between religion and morality. Here are some understandings derived from the philosophy of religion that addresses the question however flimsy it is:

The idea says that religion does not create morality, it only upholds it. Thus, religion itself depends upon morality, it only reminds people about the beauty of being moral, aside from allied beliefs in the Creator, scriptures, messengers and so on. This implies that morality requires religion as its contents.

A further explanation of this view is the idea that morality lead us to believe in moral laws, and to so believe in an upholder of those laws, that is, God. Morality is pointless without religion, for one would have no reason or its compulsion to be moral. So, the idea of being moral makes atheism a flawed thinking.