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Re: Why Ahmadis are doomed
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 8:41 am
In Response To: Why Ahmadis are doomed (Zulfiqar Ahmad, Faisalabad)

Hindu idol worship, 'muslim' sects, over 200 and counting, Christian trinity and 1000's of denominations, my apologies if I have left any deviant belief system out, but nonsense is a human trait founded upon ignorance, so who are you kidding that Ahmedis are doomed?

6:111 Even if We caused the angels to descend to them, and the dead to speak to them, and lined up all the miracles before them, they would not believe. People can be guided only according to God’s laws, but most of them choose the way of ignorance.

Kufr = Denial or rejection of the truth = Concealing the truth = Ingratitude = Choosing to live in the darkness of ignorance = Hiding or covering something = Closing eyes to the light of truth = Stubborn denial of the truth = Concealing the truth = Knowingly oppose the truth = Uncritical adherence to ancestral views = Trying to be with the majority without discernment.
Kafir = One given to Kufr = One who adamantly denies or opposes the truth = Commonly translated as ‘infidel’ = Derivatively and positively, a farmer who hides the seed under the soil (57:20). Therefore, Kufr or Kafir does not apply to the unaware, anyone to whom the Message has not been conveyed or reached.

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