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9- M.A.Jinnah, the greatest leader in centuries
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 9 March 2018, 7:34 pm

A very large band of Deoband Ulema, Ahrar, Barelvi Jamaat, and most of all Jamaat Islami strongly opposed the creation of an Islamic state in India. They said that Muslims had all the freedom for carrying on their daily rituals and rites even under the British rule and the status would stay as it is when the British leave and Hindus starting ruling India.

Allama replied they did not know the difference between Mazhab (private relationship with Allah) and DEEN (Divinely Prescribed System of Life).


[Since the Mullah is permitted to do prostrations, the feeble-minded thinks that Islam is free.]

1930: A DECISIVE ADDRESS: Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), as president of All India Muslim League, addressed the League convention at Ilahabad in 1930.
Iqbal said, “Islam is not a religion, it is DEEN (System of Life) that can be realized only in an independent land of our own. I propose that geographically contiguous units with a majority of Muslim population in the northwest region of India [Punjab, Sindh, NW Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtoonkha) and Baluchistan] must be united as an independent homeland for Muslims. I see it as DESTINY for the Muslims of India. That would preserve our religious and cultural identity and enable us to erase the blots and blemishes stamped on Islam through centuries of Arab Imperialism. Rule of the Qur’an will bring back the glory of the pristine Islam that the exalted Prophet and his companions had established in the 7th century. We will rejuvenate Islam into a dynamic, thriving force such that Muslims will once again start living in security, prosperity and honor. No other political or constitutional plan would be workable and no maneuvering will be acceptable to Muslims.”

M.A. Jinnah in London strongly agreed with Iqbal and derived a tremendous inspiration from him.