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6- M.A.Jinnah, the greatest leader in centuries
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 9:58 pm

June 3, 1947: Quaid-e-Azam gives the great news of freedom to Indian Muslims. From All India Radio Delhi, he raises the slogan, "Pakistan Zindabad!" [Long Live Pakistan!]
Aug 7, 1947: Jinnah flies from Delhi to Karachi.
Aug 14, 1947: The Hindu fundamentalist party RSS tries to assassinate Quaid-e-Azam as he is driven to the Government House at Karachi. For some reason the bomb thrown on his car fails to explode. Quaid-e-Azam declines a personal bodyguard.
Apr 15, 1948: His health continues to decline. On medical advice, Jinnah temporarily moves to a scenic place, Ziyarat near Quetta but he refuses to stop working.
Jul 1, 1948: Flies to Karachi for the opening ceremony of the State Bank of Pakistan. He asserts, "The western economic system will not grant us prosperity. We will have to devise our destiny on the principle of human equality and social justice." This was the last official engagement of M.A. Jinnah.
Aug 29, 1948: "I have completed my mission." (Ziyarat).
Sep 11, 1948: Flies back to Karachi.
Sep 11, 1948, 10:20 PM: The great leader breathes his last at the Government House in Karachi. Two specialist doctors, two nurses, close family members and three associates present.