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3- M.A.Jinnah, the greatest leader in centuries
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 4 March 2018, 9:34 pm
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Father of The Nation: M.A.J. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (some glimpses)

December 25, 1876: Muhammad Ali Jinnah is born in Karachi
Father's Name: Jinnah Bhai Poonja
Mother's Name: Mithi Bai
Parents, Jinnah Bhai and Mithi Bai got married in 1874.
Sisters of Quaid-e-Azam: Rahmat, Mariam, Fatima and Sheerin
Brothers: Ahmed Ali, Banday Ali
1882: Home tuition begins
1886: Admitted to Sind Madrasah-tul-Islam, Karachi. This high school even today displays a bold inscription at the gate, "ENTER TO LEARN, GO FORTH TO SERVE."
1886 to 1892: Jinnah became an excellent young cricketer and captained the neighborhood team. He also became an expert rider of horses. He loved horses because of their majestic stance, running with their heads high and chests prominent.
1890: The 14 year old M.A. Jinnah saw a lawyer wearing a black gown in a court of law. He told his father: "Baba, I will become a barrister."
1892: Frederick Croft, a British businessman and friend of Jinnah Bhai Poonja strongly advises that the junior Jinnah be sent to England for higher education.
1893: Jinnah nicely played the role of Romeo for the Shakespeare Drama Company in London.
1893: MAJ sees the name of Prophet Muhammad inscribed among the greatest legislators of the world at Lincoln’s Inn and instantly decides to seek admission there.
1894: Called to the Bar, M.A. Jinnah becomes a Barrister at Law at the age of 18. This stands as a world record to this day.
1894: Jinnah starts using his world famous monocle for reading.
1896: M.A. Jinnah returns to Karachi.
1897 to 1900: He strives to establish his law practice in Karachi but soon moves to Bombay.
1900: The Bombay High Court appoints him Presidency Magistrate in Bombay. He calls his younger sister, Fatima Jinnah, from Karachi to Bombay to complete her education in a convent.
1903: Appointed legal advisor to the Bombay Municipal Corporation.
1906: At the age of 30, M.A. Jinnah becomes secretary to the "Grand Old Man of India", Dada Bhai Naurojee of the All India Congress.
1906: All-India Muslim League: Seeing that while the Indian National Congress had been a Hindu organization in India established by Mr Hume of London in 1886, some bright minds thought that Muslims must preserve their political and social identity under an organization as well. Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III (November 1877–1957) the 48th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili community was one of the founders and the first president of the All-India Muslim League (AIML). His goal was the advancement of Muslim agendas and protection of Muslim rights in India. He shared Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's (1817-1898) belief that Muslims should first build up their social capital through advanced education before engaging in politics. Aga Khan called on the British Raj to consider Muslims to be a separate nation within India, the so-called 'Two Nation Theory'. He was nominated to represent India to the League of Nations in 1932 and served as President of the League of Nations from 1937–38.

All-India Muslim League, prominent members:

Aga Khan III, Nawab Viqar ul Malik, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, A. K. Fazlul Huq, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, Sir Feroz Khan Noon, Khwaja Nazimuddin, Liaquat Ali Khan, Ch.Khaliq-uz-Zaman, Mohammad Ali Bogra.
30 Dec 1906: The Founding meeting was hosted by Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah and attended by three thousand delegates, while Ameer Ali, Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi were also the founding fathers who attended this meeting. The name "All-India Muslim League" was proposed by Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi.
Founded‎ at ‎Dacca British Raj (now Dhaka, Bangladesh).

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