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Evolution was taught in Muslim universities
By:Engr Awais Durrani Islamabad
Date: Sunday, 4 March 2018, 5:12 pm

Muslim philosophers presented Evolution :--Muslim scholars presented not only organic/progressive/chemical evolution but also emergent evolution in detail . Ibn-e-Maskwiyya in his treatise "Risala-e- Fauz-ul-Asghar has discussed all kinds of evolutions & termed emergent evolution as "SAFARA" .
Evolution was an important subject taught in all Muslim universities.This is why a sufi scholar even Roomi has also repeatedly quoted several scientific discoveries including organic evolution.I am quoting some verses from Mathnawi Maulana Room ;---
A'amda awwal bah aqleem-e-jamad ; Wa za jamadi dar nabati oow Fatad "The formation of universe has been divided into four kinds. Jamadat (solid elements ) ,Nibatat (plants ) ,animals & then human-being .First of all it was solid element then with the passage of time it became plant , afterwards animal & finally grew as human-being.)
Saalha andar nibati umr kard ; Wa az nibati yad-e-nawurd az naburd (but he does not remember this stage of life when he was nothing but a solid element )
Wa az nibati choon bah haivani fataad : Namdash hal-e-nibati heech yad (when he became animal from plant , he does not remember this period )
Juz haman mailay kah darad soo-e-aan ;Khasa dar waqt-e-bahar-e-zameer-e-aan ( only spring brings him towards plants & flowers being parts of his body )
Baz az haiwan soo-e-insanish : Mi kashad aan Khaliqay kah danish (Then Allah takes from animal to the stage of human-being )
Ham chunin aqleem ta aqleem raft ; Ta shud aknoon aaqil-o-daana -o-zaft (In this way he travelled from one stage to another till he became wise & strong )