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Law of Heredity & Natural selection in Quran
By:Engr Awais Durrani Islamabad
Date: Friday, 2 March 2018, 3:34 am

Law of ( Self-perpetuation & Adaptation) Heredity & Natural Selection in Quran :--The changing of living species spanning over the longest period of time according to environment is known as Adaptation which has been divided into Heredity & Evolution.
Ayah 6/100 " It is He Who sends down rain to bring forth buds of all plants ,green foliage, packed ears of corns , palm trees with branches overhanging with dates & gardens of grapes , olives , pomegranates --alike & unalike . Reflect on how these fruits grow & ripen .In this plan of ours are signs for those who believe in Divine laws ".
Living species are engaged in maintaining the existence & therefore are subjected to three kinds of actions. 1) Steady state control which includes fight against non-conducive internal & external environments to maintain the physical existence.
2) When body fails to fight & all controls are failed, then keeping the existence alive through procreation.
3) To keep the new species according to the environment is termed as adaptation. Now let us discuss Evolution & those the longest four periods wherein the life grew after evolution known as Arbat-e-Ayyam by Quran.Until recently in the last century almost all Western scientists had this opinion of special creation but Muslim like Ibn-e-Baja ,Farabi & Maskwiya & several other promoted evolutionary ideology after observing the commonality in the fundamental elements relating to animals & human-being. 29/19-20 " If you ponder over rationally ,you will realise how Allah initiates the creation of anything ( imagine its earliest form ) & how , by passing it through various evolutionary stages He brings it forth (until such time it reaches its destined form ).All this happens so easily according to His Divine laws " Darwin & Theory of Natural Selection & Quran :--" On the origin of species by means of Natural Selection " The struggle for existence is operative in the universe.Those species which can't overcome variations ,are perished & those with better potential remain alive & advance through procreation.Therefore this natural selection is operative in the universe which ensures the survival .Quran has also declared this selection according to His laws & it is beyond the choice/desire of human-being.
Just ponder over this amazing disclosure in ayah 28/68 " (The success or failure in life takes place according to Divine Laws . (which includes survival & growth through Natural Selection ) This selection takes place according to Divine Law of Selection & not according to man-made theories & this law is far beyond to be shared with any individual ."