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Hajj and Ka'ba after earth, my humble suggestion.
By:Kianusch, iran
Date: Sunday, 25 February 2018, 9:09 am

In the Name of God,

[Please note: This text discusses the concept of Hajj and Ka'ba in the future, when there is no habitable earth, and NOT today]

This is a Jules Verne-style subject, but remember it is a fact that will occur a day finally..

I thought much about the future of the earth and our Quranic theory of Hajj, that is, unifying mankind and solving the problems of the nations (and not traditional concept of Hajj).
Some scientists as Stephen Hawkings or Elon Musk believe in destruction of the earth by man-made pollution, increasing the water of oceans and hot temp etc within 100-600 years and they think we will abandon our abode, the earth and we will migrate to the other planets.
It is possible that we won't abandon the earth within 600 years but it is very possible that a day finally all the humans migrate to the other planets by the future modern technologies and because of bad conditions of earth. Maybe you say it is impossible, but only impossible is impossible, only consider the time that most of the people considered 'Airplane' as a myth or vision.

Well, there is a problem, what will happen to our theory of Ka'ba that always depends on Makkah and the earth, after the migration?
I asked this question some months ago but unfortunately the discussion did not continue. This is my humble and simple suggestion/proposal for the subject of the Kaba and Hajj after the destruction of the planet earth and migrating to the other planets. However, it is incomplete and imperfect, but with the help of you, dear and respected friends, can be improved:

The one of the ways to solve this problem is Ijtihaad:

42:38 -They respond to their Lord by establishing Salaat, and conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, and they keep open for the welfare of others what We have given them.

For example, please consider Saum, if an astronaut want to perform Saum in/on the space or a planet, or if a person in north-pole want to perform Saum, he should consider the basic principles of the Quran about Saum, that is, self-control during the start and the end of his working-day and not literal sunrise and sunset, as Allama Parwez mentions below, the verse 187 of Surah Baqarah in his exposition of the holy Quran:

«In lands where the length of the day or night is unusually extended, reasonable hours of fasting
may be calculated as is done for the performance of normal activities of daily life. This is why Allah has stressed the importance of human reason alongside with Divine Revelation.» (footenote-2:187)

This principle can be applicable for Ka'ba too. The noble objective of Ka'ba is "unifying of mankind and spreading universal brotherhood among the humans",

Are the stones and the woods of the Ka'ba themselves holy, sacred or important?
No, but its aim, goal and objective is important and significant. So, we should focus on the exact mechanism of Kaba for unifying of the human being and we must implement its concept on a conventioned planet in a conventioned place (after the destruction of the earth).

There are some commands in the Quran that active only when we face some specific situations,
For example we do dry ablution when there is no water or the law 2:282 "one man + one woman" (instead of normal "2women" in a fair society) actives only in a patriarchal society to support illiterate women.
When there is no Ka'ba, we can implement its concept on another planet with a new building.

However, honestly, My text cannot satisfy completely me, because there are some verses that imply Ka'ba is for all times.
We do Saum based on the Sun and the moon positions and the Quran explicitly accepts it in itself but the Quran does not explicitly agree with changing the place of the original Ka'ba and selecting a new Qiblah.
I recall a statement from G.A.P. that says that some parts of the Quran (e.g. scientific verses etc) can be understood differently at any time. Today, when we open QXP or exposition of Parwez, we find strong emphasis on Hajj in "physical" place of it, Ka'ba and Mecca , and this interpretation is correct completely because we still have physical Ka'ba and Mecca, but maybe people do not think so a thousand years later and take Ka'ba-verses as metaphor for a UN building on a convetioned planet (please suppose there is no habitable Earth at that time and all humans migrated to the other planets) and won’t emphasis on physical Kaba in "Mecca".

However, there is another scenario, we never leave completely our abode, Earth.

Are the stones and the woods of the Ka'ba themselves holy, sacred or important? No, but the objective is important and not the means. So, we (will) should focus on the exact mechanism of Kaba for unifying of the human being and we must implement its concept on a conventioned planet in a conventioned place at that time (i.e. when there is no habitable earth).
However, today, we should continue our true (and not traditional-ritualistic) Hajj and accept the physical Kaba as our symbol and focal point of Deen and take the HAJJ and KA'BA verses as literal-metaphorical and not absolutely metaphorical (and ignoring physical Kaba).

I look forward to your valuable advices.

Apologize for my long text
Your comments warmly welcomed, dear friends
Thank you.

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