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Re: Quraanic Hijaab & Quraanic Niqaab
By:Shad USA
Date: Saturday, 24 February 2018, 5:16 am
In Response To: Quraanic Hijaab & Quraanic Niqaab (Irshad Mahmood, Tasmania)

Sir, I may be reading a different Quran than the one you are.

There is no Quranic Hijaab or Quranic Niqaab.

The word 'hijab' is used to describe 'barrier' in many places in the Quran and it does not mean to cover your head or your face. For the wives of the prophet, it is required that they 'lengthen their garments'.

No where the Quran asks that a woman be covered up, even the face or head.

I do not know about you sir, but a woman covered up in black sacks does nothing for me or even make me think that they are beautiful.
Perhaps you have x-ray eyes.

In 33:53, the word appears is 'hijab' meaning a barrier, not behind a curtain. A curtain can be a barrier. You cannot wear a barrier. A head scarf is not a barrier. The Quran also does not ask you to cover your head, it ask that you cover your chest. Also, please point out to me where the word 'niqaab' appears in the Quran?

Please do not imply something is in the Quran when it is clearly not. There is no such thing as Quranic Niqaab or Hijab as you describe it.

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