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Does Hadith explain the Quran?
By:Samiullah Malik, Karachi
Date: Friday, 23 February 2018, 6:39 pm

For information please. Our Masjid Imams unnecessarily exploit Islam with lot of unauthentic Hadith, tales, stories, sayings and traditions contrary to Quran. They even promise Jannah to donors falsely. To keep us religiously backward, they never promote all Quranic Mohukmath/specific Guidance (3:7) to entire humanity. Similarly the Hafizul Quran teachers to make money falsely promise Jannah to HIFZ students no where supported in the Quran. They have even cornered Allah as an Arab and Arabic knowing only. They make long DUA in Arabic after Namaz which none of us understand. One sincere Alim told us that the duty of an Imam is to lead the prayers only which any Muslim can perform. Dua is a personal matter which Allah listens directly. Avoid this Shirk.

Hence follow Allah, HIS Holy Quran and our Prophet only. Please read and read Quranic translation in your own language to understand Islam correctly and to avoid all exploitation, deviation, extremism, excesses in religious matters and rituals. Allah has prohibited priesthood or middle man/Wasila to protect Islam from exploitation and deviation. Please give donations to only such Mosques/Msajid which promotes all Quranic Mohukmath with no fairy tale type Islam. Thanks. Please inform others.

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Does Hadith explain the Quran?
Samiullah Malik, Karachi -- Friday, 23 February 2018, 6:39 pm
Re: Does Hadith explain the Quran?
Shad USA -- Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 9:46 am