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Re: Useless Prayers and Rituals
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 6:12 pm
In Response To: Zoroastrian Prayers and Rituals (Yazdi Sidhwa, India)

This is a typical religious post regarding rituals and their justification.
Something that is said to bring a change in an individual, feed them 'spiritually', must bring about some good for it to be of worth and mere prayers and rituals do not do this.
Everything we do has an impact upon us and by doing what is right to produce a good result we can say we have achieved something.

Taken to its extreme, someone who prays and performs rituals all day, doing nothing else, will be the holiest and purest person alive but completely useless for society; is that all we want to aspire to be, useless?

2:175 It is those who take error in exchange for guidance, and torment in exchange for the protection of forgiveness. How steadfast are they in their pursuit of the fire!
2:176 This is so, because God has revealed the Book in absolute truth. And those who seek disputes in the Book, are in open schism and vehemently oppose each other. [4:82, 25:30. Shaqq and derivatives = To split = Fall apart = Schism = Fall into disputes = Opposition = Oppose one another = Splitting of personality = Break apart the unity = Enmity]
2:177 [One consequence of this schism is their pre-occupation with rituals, with each sect leaving the revelation aside and taking delight in its own set of dogmas they call religion. 30:32] Righteousness and exponential development of the ‘self’ (‘al-Birr’) depends not on whether you turn your faces to East or West. But righteousness is that: (1) One has conviction in God, and (2) the Last Day, and (3) the Angels, and (4) the Book, and (5) the Prophets. And that one gives of his cherished wealth to: Family and relatives, orphans, widows, those left helpless in the society, and those whose hard-earned income fails to meet their basic needs, those whose running businesses have stalled, the ones who have lost their jobs, whose life has stalled for any reason, the disabled, the needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels for assistance, those who ask for help, and those whose necks are burdened with any kind of bondage, oppression, crushing debts and extreme hardship of labor. (And righteous are) those who strive to establish the institution of Salaat, (2:3, 2:153) And help set up the Economic System of Zakaat. They are true to their pledge whenever they make one. And they remain steadfast in physical or emotional distress and in times of peril. It is those who have proven themselves to be true, and it is those who live aright. [Belief in Books 4:136, 2:4, 3:91-92. Yateem, Miskeen, Ibn-is-Sabeel, Fir-Riqaab, carry all the meanings rendered above. Please note that this verse gives us the well-known Five Articles of Faith. But belief in Taqdeer = Predetermined destiny, has been interjected in the fabricated Ajami Ahadith as the sixth article of faith by ‘Imams’, making Muslims fatalistic in their thought and behavior. The Qur’an nowhere mentions Taqdeer or the predestined fates of individuals. Qadar or Taqdeer always denote the laws, the due measure of all things appointed by God. And man determines his own destiny by following or defying those laws]

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