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No Homeland for Kurds !?!+-
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 9:49 pm

Paid muftis, fake hadith writers or narrators with made up fairy tales to serve the interest of the rulers and take the revenge of the loss at Qadsiya.

During gulf war Bin Bazz issued fatawa to justify the presence of the troops in Saudi Arabia.

Now Khoja Saddadin mufti of the Ottoman empire.

“ For over a thousand years Arab historians, such as, for example, El Masudi (died 956/7)(11), bn-Hawqal (died circa 977), etc., have asserted that the Kurds are descended from spirits. The Persian epic poet Firdosi (932? -1020) regarded the Kurds in his epic poem 'Shahname' (The King's Book) as the descendants of those young people who were saved from being decapitated by the tyrant Zohak ( Ajdahak), and managed to flee into the mountains (12).
Khoja Saddadin (1537-1599) the Turkish Mufti of the Ottoman Empire wrote in his book 'Taj ül-Tawarikh' (The Crown of Histories):

"It has been decreed by God that the Kurds cannot found a state because, once upon a time, a very ugly and frightening man visited the prophet Mohammed. The prophet was scared, and asked the man from whence he came. The guest answered in a friendly and respectful manner that he was a Kurd. The prophet lifted his head to the sky and said, 'Thou, God, must not allow the Kurds to unify; their unification would cause the destruction of the world".(13)

The disparagement of the Kurdish identity and language goes so far as to be reflected such in the following popular rhyme (translated from Persian):
Arabic is the Alpha and Omega,
Persian is (as sweet as) sugar,
Turkish is a work of art,
Kurdish is a donkey's fart.”