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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 4:57 pm


The term Pillars of Islam is absolutely non-Quranic. There is no such term as ‘Imaad-id-Deen in the Book. (’Imaad means pillars.) But the “Imams” have designated Shahadah, Ritual prayer, 2.5% of wealth as Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage as the so-called Five Pillars of Islam. They, however, abjectly fail to describe the building! No doubt, these five are a few of the important Commandments. But what is amiss with our religious leaders that they disregard many more important Commandments of Allah? For example, guarding human rights and benefiting people are the central themes in the Quran. Give and grow!

13:17 … That which is of benefit to mankind, exists on earth. This is how Allah uses analogies for you to understand. [The real existence on earth is of the person or the system that benefits humanity]

Bukhari relates a strange and incomplete statement here, “The foundation of Islam is on five.” Notice the word ‘Pillars’ missing even here, betraying the half-hearted attempt at forgery.

Moreover, the Shi’ah Pillars of Islam are quite different:

1. Tawheed (Oneness of God), 2. ‘Adl - (Justice), 3. Nubuwwat (Belief in the Prophets of God). 4. Imamat (12 sinless, infallible, Divinely guided Imams). 5. Qiyamat (The Resurrection).


Three: The Quran nowhere forbids women from Praying, Fasting, Hajj or touching or studying the Book. The “Imams” plagiarized such restrictions from Judaism and Christianity. Let no one deceive you and stop you from benefiting from the Book of Allah even for one day, by citing ‘Mutahhahroon’.

56:79 This is a Book that none but the pure of mind can grasp. [Those who approach the Quran with minds contaminated with preconceived notions and extrinsic material, will never understand it. Mutahharoon = Those who rid their minds of blind following and false dogmas. It is a common insult to say that men cannot touch it without wudhu (ablution) and women cannot touch it during menstruation. Why would God place hurdles in the way of approaching His guidance?]

Dear Sister, hold on to the Quran and vehemently reject the Zoroastrian “Imams of Islam” to make life rational and easy for you and your family.

May Allah guide us to and through His Glorious Book!

A life-long student,

Dr. Shabbir