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maula, maulana and syed !
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 11 February 2018, 11:45 pm

“ The weekly "Urdu Times," New York, dated Oct 6th, 1999 has published a detailed interview of Dr. Israr Ahmed. The respected doctor is a sincere and renowned scholar of Islam. One great thing is that he does not prefix his name with "Maulana". He knows that according to the Qur'an, "Maulana" or the "Master" of us all is no one but Allah (9/51).

More than 3 decades ago, the daily "Jang" Karachi prominently published the news that Dr. Israr Ahmed had quit Jamat-e-Islami. The chief of Jamat-e-Islami was called Maulana Syed Abul A'Ala Maudoodi. Dr. Israr and others who quit with him maintained that "Al-A'ALA" is the name of God, meaning the most Glorious the most High. Abu means father. Therefore Abul A'Ala would mean "THE FATHER OF GOD". Hence, Maulana Syed Abul A'Ala Maudoodi translates "our master, owner, Father of God Maudoodi" (Syed means owner).

Instead of acknowledging the truth, Mr. Maudoodi became furious and fired Dr. Israr from the Jamaat. In turn, Maudoodi came under fire that he had been a dire opponent of the Pakistan Movement. Also that Allama Iqbal was a great benefactor of Maudoodi since he brought the jobless Maudoodi from Deccan to Pathan Kot and assigned him to do Qur'anic research. But, the daily "Jang" exclaimed that, for some ulterior reason Maudoodi carefully avoided citing the verses of Iqbal in his writings.

No doubt Allama Iqbal enjoys such a high station in Urdu and Persian literature that any scholar writing in these two languages without referring to the Allama will reflect his own ignorance and incompetence.

In an interview with Urdu Times, answering a question, Dr. Israr said, "Tableeghi Jamaat" accomplished nothing in 70 years, Jamaate-Islami brought no change in 60 years. Why wonder that I and my Tanzeem-e-Islami have created no dent in 40 years? (The weight of Dr. Israr's logic should be scaled by our reader).

Dr. Israr Ahmed has his admirers world-wide. Shabbir Ahmed is one of them. But the answer to the Urdu Times' journalist is something else. It is hidden from the truth-seeking eyes of the doctor sahib. There is a word in Arabic, "Taghreez". When a vehicle gets stuck so that it's wheels keep spinning in the sand but the vehicle stays put, this is called "Taghreez". The truth of the matter is that whether it is Tableeghi Jamaat or Jamaat-e-Islami or any other Islamic movement in the
world, their engines are screaming while the vehicles remain stuck in the sand of tradition. "Movements" which do not move! Allama Iqbal very aptly identifies the situation for us:

The Truth is lost in non-sense
This nation is lost in legend

Look at the magic of these legends and traditions. A mullah of the caliber of Dr. Israr Ahmed states in his interview that "Imam Mehdi" has been born in Arabia in 1962. The authority he has referred to about his startling discovery is the late Jane Dixon of the U.S. Jane Dixon, the self-proclaimed diviner who gained fame for "foreseeing" the assassination of J.F.K. (but could not predict her own demise!)

How numerous a vessel has drowned
When the thought of the jurist, the
Mystic and the poet has downed!

Many of my respected readers have been calling me regarding this interview partly because they don't have Dr. Israr Ahmed's phone number. Several of them have asked me to write on the subject of the Advent of the Messiah (&Mehdi) and comment on Dr. Israr's mysterious statements. (Many of the readers surely know that the correct spelling of doctor saheb's name is Asrar which in itself means"mysteries").

Ref: WHEN IS THE MESSIAH COMING? (English and Urdu) By Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

I have few books about Hazrat Umar Khattab [ra], I am having problem locating a paragraph. When he was elected to become the caliph, he was asked whether he has problem being called a Syed. His response was, there is only one Syed, the Exalted Messenger [AS]. There will be no more Syed. To an another question , he answered that the Exalted Messenger [AS], has left the world, no more revelation. Whatever you , I or any other person say is just an opinion.

Ref: The Early Caliphates [M.Ali] or Umar the great by Allama Shibli. Please correct me.

During the first gulf war Saddam Hussein called the elder Bush-Syed Bush.

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maula, maulana and syed !
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