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Re: The Elites are screwed and more.
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 10 February 2018, 9:00 am
In Response To: The Elites are screwed and more. (Nas UK)

Nas, you wrote "Unfortunately i have recently experienced some Qur'an Only people showing their arrogance and ignorance and these attitudes of theirs clearly demonstrate to me that no one is immune from the indoctrinations and subconscious programming by the Elites."

Someone questioned a bible verse that went against a doctrine of their church, something to do with heredity sin and Ezekiel chapter 18, and was told by their church leader that they could reject this doctrine, deny this 'truth' but then they would have to reject everything else and leave their group. This shut them up and they remained in passive ignorance.

Simple questions answering your erroneous beliefs about flat earth have raised a similar knee jerk reaction from yourself that we are all ignorent, arrogant and under the influence of shaitaan, aka the Elites. So we who have rejected all that Sam has rejected, the N2I, backward, 1200 year old nonsense that the mulla's pedddle as 'islam', are intelligent enough to do this but not intelligent enough to see a flat earth. NO, We are not stupid enough to see the Emperors new clothes when this is equally peddled at us.

Also, you presented flat earth and the Elites, put them in one boat when the two are not the same. Sam wrote about how Pharaoh, Haman and Qaroon, manipulate the world, the Quran does the same, and to what degree is a matter of opinion, but do not mix some truth in a matter with falsehood.

Read very carefully now, please for the sake of your soul: IF YOUR BELIEFS DO NOT STAND UP TO REASON, THEN CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS.

Think about the gyro-scope post I presented, and evolve intellectually.

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