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By:Muhammad Rafi. Karachi
Date: Monday, 5 February 2018, 5:45 pm

*Thumbs up.*

Dr *_Mahwish_* T. Rajpoot.

If the people in the political gatherings of Nawaz And Marryam Safdar are the real followers and not the purchased and hired ones, then let me safely state that we are heading to a very deadly clash. And if this is all a swollen balloon of rented gathering, by the cheapest and most untrustworthy members of the N corps, trying to mislead the two already very foolish father and the daughter, they are leading the Shareef family to a disastrous end.

These two, are being ignited by the crowd they watch and then utter such classic phrases that lead no short of Adiala. The lady who chose for herself the goofest of the ADC of her father as her husband, and married him against the will of her father, the woman who dragged her father into the Dawn leaks fiasco and narrowly escaped jail, a woman who has her brain in her Social media gang, the woman who is fed with words and phrases by her most untrustworthy and greedy media house guys and Geo TV team, a woman daughter of the most unassuming and thick headed father is now dancing on the stages set by no other but Her goof husband, Boot lickers like Tallal Ch etc.

The Waterloo is definitely not far. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has started up the Notice Taking, seriously.

If my assessment is not too wrong then it is not too far from the end of the dynasty. I will have no choice but to frankly suggest to the Shareef family to think realistically and face the facts, the things are not in their favor, this they must realise now before it is too late.

The people are going to betray them this time and even those who look too sincere may turn out to be " *Brutus* ".

Such people who have paid back to Saudi Arabia, but are reluctant to pay us back, are not worthy of Mercy. Not worthy of our support. Not worthy of our attention, what to talk of our time and lives.

Some people have been silent for seventy years, this is probably time for them to not only speak out, but to act quickly and rise to the occasion. A mass scale uprising is required by the 75 percent of those voters who never voted. The majority of those people who have never contributed to the democracy, but were seen during some events like referendums and now moving their fingers on the key boards of their mobiles and PCs and showing their concerns over the social media. Come out of the words and screens and step out in the practical world.

Revolutions don't come from beds, sofas and studies. Step out to push the evil in the Jails. Get your plundered wealth back, that is your RIGHT.

*This is DO OR DIE state... Our last chance.*

*Mahwish is wishing Pakistan a good LUCK.*