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Re: Friday Sermons: Ar-Riba
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Friday, 2 February 2018, 5:23 am
In Response To: Re: Friday Sermons: Ar-Riba (jawaid ahmed,uk)

The discussion makes a case between moral absolutism and relativism. Moral Absolutism is one of divine law i.e., there are commandments of the Lord and thou shalt follow them. No more, no less.

Moral Relativism in its ultimate form is the justification, for example dealing with interest in current world economic system is necessity. Since all Muslim societies need public, corporate and private borrowings to run their economy and create their livelihood for survival. Moral absolutism therefore becomes an ideal, that is difficult to adopt in the system that is entirely interest based.

What is currently happening in Muslim world including Saudi Arabia is that moral relativism is considered pragmatic used to justify some forms of interest, as sanctioned pronounced by Jama Al Azhar and other jurists. Their logicality also comes from disputes as to what constitute or does not constitute Riba.

Some sections of Muslims of course would not feel good or right about interest dealing as Quran is explicit about it without any verse in its favor. Others are unsure about it without any sense of guilt.

I personally know a mosque Imam who out of his dire necessity borrowed some personal loan on interest from a bank. He was criticized by one of his follower Namazi for this act. So Imam turned back to him and asked him to lend the same amount so he could return his loan back to the bank. He was not to be seen again, probably he changed his mosque, leaving the Imam lurking between absolutism and relativism.

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