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Abbasids and Zoroastrians?! there is a Paradox..
By:Kianusch, Iran
Date: Thursday, 1 February 2018, 5:48 pm

The Zoroastrians had a different dress colour than Muslims in the society (Iran) until the hundred years ago, ochre colour clothes.

# Why and when did Muslims persecute innocent ordinary Zoroastrians? (Please do not answer that Zoroastrians were never persecuted, beacause it is not the truth)

# 'Abbasids were under the influence of Zoroastrian ministers/Vazirs (Barmakian)', So why did Abbasids persecute Zoroastrians of Iran or why did their Zartoshtian Vazirs allow them to do so with their coreligionists and countrymen (i.e. Zoroastrians of Iran)?????!!!

Is it not a Paradox?!



The Abbasids (752 – 804 CE) Edit
The Umayyads were followed by the Abbasid dynasty which came to power with the help of Iranian Muslims. The persecution of Zoroastrians increased significantly under the Abbasids, temples and sacred-fire shrines were destroyed.[38] Also during Abbasid rule, the status of Zoroastrians in Persian lands was reduced from zimmi (or dhimmi, people who were protected by the state and generally considered 'People of the Book') to 'kafirs' (non-believers).[38][39] As a result, Zoroastrians were not granted the same rights and status as Jews and Christians.[39] Iranian Muslims were welcomed to the court, but not Zoroastrians.[32] Zoroastrians were denied access to bathhouses on the grounds that their bodies were polluted.[39]

Hardly any Zoroastrian family was able to avoid conversion to Islam when employed by the Abbasids.[40] Because of their harshness towards unbelievers, and due to their lavish patronage of Persian Muslims, the Abbasids proved to be deadly foes of Zoroastrianism.[41]

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Abbasids and Zoroastrians?! there is a Paradox..
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