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Regarding the Qur'anic System of Sustenance
By:Kianusch, Iran
Date: Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 10:36 am

(Quranic System of Sustenance, P159-160)

«No more private property

1) There is no longer any question of the private ownership of
land, because it has been said that all resources must be left
open to everyone (41:10)

2) When there is no private ownership of land, then all real
estate business, whether for selling or letting, becomes
obsolete. This includes renting residential properties. Of
course people still need somewhere to live, but the state will
provide accommodation to fulfil this need »


i- Could you please explain the second statement, it refers to 'Public housing' (and our house is not our personal property) or he says 'we must buy our houses from the State' (and it is our personal property)?

ii- What is the actual economic theory of Allama Parwez or the Holy Quran (or which economic theory is close to them), 'Socialism + Quranic moral values'?