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Re: 77-of-american-converts-to-islam-were-previous
By:Shad, USA
Date: Monday, 29 January 2018, 4:48 am
In Response To: 77-of-american-converts-to-islam-were-previously-c (Dr. Zia Shah, NY)

We seems to get a kickoff of the news that people are converting to Islam. What does it mean? Are they converting to N2 islam, meaning they will now grow a beard, get their penis cut off, keep their women covered up and praying 5 times a day etc. etc.; OR will they start doing good deeds (as if, as a Christian, they were bad people and did no good deeds), deeds that will benefit the mankind?

What is your definition of 'Islam".

Please also note the same article, the last line is:

'But the fact that the shares of people who enter and leave Islam are roughly equal suggests that conversions to and from the faith are having little impact on the group’s overall growth.'

Sir, if they are converting to N@ islam, then it is not worth the news.

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