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Re: Understanding Quran
By:shad, USA
Date: Sunday, 28 January 2018, 1:10 pm
In Response To: Re: Understanding Quran (jawaid ahmed,uk)

Sir Jawad

I do not have a problem but a lot of respect for you because I have read a lot of your explanations throughout this forum.
I am struggling to understand and sift through the garbage available throughout.

If you are still in the initial stages of understanding the Quran, then I am definitely lost.

You mentioned:

Have you studied pre-islamic writing to determine if Ramadan was a month or not named by the Arabs? If not month, then do you see this as a period of intense heat, that is troubled times when the quran was revealed to change this for the better? HIGHLY LIKELY SIR, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME MORE ON THIS SUBJECT.

17:1 is speaking about the movement from Mecca to Medina,al aqsa means a safe haven far away. No such thing as namaz being born in this verse. ISN'T THIS THE VERSE WHICH GIVES RISE TO 'MIRAJ' AND HENCE TO THE 'NAMAZ'

But i understand that that we all agree that the ritual of 'namaaz' is not at all a requirement of the Quran. I also, think the other four requirements are also not in the Quran but the words have been misinterpreted, mistranslated.

Your thoughts please.

Mr Jawad, please do not misunderstand me, and I meant no disrespect, on the contrary, i feel if you after all your knowledge is still in the early stages of understanding the Quran, then have mercy on all of us who are not fortunate enough to have gained the status equal to or even close to yours.

best wishes

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