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Re: Understanding Quran
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 27 January 2018, 12:14 pm
In Response To: Understanding Quran (Shad USA )

Have you studied pre-islamic writing to determine if Ramadan was a month or not named by the Arabs? If not month, then do you see this as a period of intense heat, that is troubled times when the quran was revealed to change this for the better?
17:1 is speaking about the movement from Mecca to Medina,al aqsa means a safe haven far away. No such thing as namaz being born in this verse.

Kindergarten means I a still humble enough top accept that I do not know everything and the day I think I do is the day I have filled myself with false pride and arrogance. Knowing the right from wrong of the Quran is straightforward so I will not die in compete ignorance, thank you.

God intended us to keep studying and understand deeper, simple minds see literal snakes, more thought sees symbolic free flowing, unstoppable truth overcoming ignorance; you decide the level you want to reach.

Quite right, no rewards for rituals but only for good deeds; this forum has said this from day 1 and rejects the number 2, ajami, foreign influenced pagan beliefs that the majority hold onto.

Now, what is your problem?

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