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By:Kianusch, Iran
Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018, 10:48 pm
In Response To: Re: I only can say Thanks. (jawaid ahmed,uk)

1- I agree completely, So we can conclude House, car and Laptop😉 of each person is his personal property in an Islamic State and no one can take them from him but Parwez ideas seems stricter:

Quranic System of Sustenance, P159-160

«No more private property
1) There is no longer any question of the private ownership of
land, because it has been said that all resources must be left
open to everyone (41:10)

2) When there is no private ownership of land, then all real
estate business, whether for selling or letting, becomes
obsolete. This includes renting residential properties. Of
course people still need somewhere to live, but the state will
provide accommodation to fulfil this need »


2- What is the aim and the philosophy of Quranic initials/acronyms?


3- Excuse me that I ask this question thousand times, I always want to be sure,
Did you agree with my idea that 'it is not a prerequisite that a witness has to be a male, therefore "2women" is sufficient and acceptable if we prefer women' ?


4- 'Maysar' means easy money but it is vague, what is easy money?
An example, we watch Tv programs, two family play some games and one of them win. That family take a prize/money.. was it easy money?!

Another example, a TV program compere randomly select a person from audience in studio, that person randomly win a prize by lottery in studio but Sponsor of that program has given that prize and it can be considered a gift, was it Maysar/gambling?!

Zende o Paaayande Baad all Ourbeaconi Teachers.

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