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Re: *Rent, motgage and Property
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018, 9:16 am
In Response To: Re: *Rent, motgage and Property (Kianusch, iran)

1.Buying a house and renting it out may be classed as a business so it is fine.
Proviso:Proper rent, not exploiting others who have no home.
But buying a home to rent out may deprive someone else from buying the home and make them pay rent to someone else for something they could have paid for and owned them self.

Further thought needed.

2. There are small amounts of alcohol in most food stuffs since it is a naturally occurring compound. The Quran does not say alcohol is haram but khumr, intoxicants, are haram, so the emphasise in on those things that have a khumr, intoxicating effect. Alcohol, as a ‘drink’ is used to alter the mind, mood so I have no doubt we can class this as haram, no matter how much is present.
Some medicines need alcohol in order for them to be able to be taken in by the body and as far as I am concerned the purpose is not to intoxicate [though this may happen to some degree] so is fine to take. Some Flu remedies have alcohol in them for the reason of relieving the flu symptoms but there are alternatives that do the same thing, so I avoid these.

As you can see, I do what makes sense to me as there is no complete ban in the Quran for alcohol, like for pig which is 100% not allowed no matter what form.

3.There was one country in the world where every newly married couple was given a home/flat for them to live in. It belonged to the state but it was theirs to live in for the rest of their lives as well as their next generations. What they could not do was sell this or rent it out, but they could buy their own property somewhere else if they could afford it.

If Parwez meant this then I have no problem as the state is there to support their citizens who have contributed to the state in order to help everyone- zakat in action, not the goalless charity it has become. I do not think he meant that the laptop I buy does not belong to me as the Quran is clear that I can keep what I earn:

2:267 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Spend on others the good things you have honorably earned with hard work, whether it is from the product of industry or from the produce of the earth. Do not give away something that you would not like to receive except with closed eyes. Know that God, the Rich, Owner of praise, provides you indiscriminately and without return.
2:268 Satan, your selfish desires, scares you with poverty; that if you spend on others, you might become destitute. It teaches you stinginess to the extent of shame. God, the All-Embracing, Knower promises you the protection of Forgiveness from Himself, and abundant bounty.
[And, In the Divine Order, the society would return to more than one spends on it]
2:269 He bestows wisdom to whoever wills to attain wisdom (according to His laws). And whoever is granted wisdom has truly been granted a great wealth. And only those who use their intellect remain mindful of what they learn.
[Making good use of their faculties helps people attain wisdom. 12:22, 17:36, 28:14]

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