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To Rev Dr Mathai/The Benevolent Islam
By:Muhandiram Imsid, Sri Lanka
Date: Monday, 22 January 2018, 4:57 pm

Dr Mathai,

Can you show ONE Christian country which is free of ""CRIMES AND RAPES AND INJUSTICE"? But I can name many Muslim countries which have much better record than Christian countries.

How dare you say that "ISLAM STARTED WITH WAR KILLING THOUSANDS OF ARABS, CHRISTIANS AND JEWS"? Don't you know that after 13 years of Persecution in his birth place, the Prophet (PBUH) was forced to migrate to Medina and even in Medina he was pursued by the pagans of Makkah who wanted to kill him, and the first battle in Islam was fought in pure self defence and with the Help of Almighty Allah, the ill-equipped and poorly trained men of Medina who were only 1/3rd the size of the well armed and well trained Makkan Army inflicted a crushing defeat on the Pagan Army?

Don't you know who is responsible for there being "NO RULE OF LAW IN ANY MUSLIM NATION which IS WHY REFUGEES MUSLIMS WANT TO MIGRATE INTO CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES"? If Iraq was NOT invaded by the Christian Bush (he claimed God spoke to him!) and Blair and the Christian NATO countries, would the Iraqis have fled Iraq? Would the Libyans and Syrians be fleeing their countries if not for the bloodbath masterminded by the Christian West?

From where did you get your Doctorate? There should be no doubt about the field in which you got your Doctorate which is surely in B.S. Please STOP wasting our time Dr. B.S.