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Re: Compassion or Dogma?
Date: Sunday, 21 January 2018, 2:28 pm
In Response To: Compassion or Dogma? (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Thank you for continuing enlightening the Forum!

Unfortunately, Muslims too do not want to see themselves in the role of differentiator between truth and falsehood. Their half-baked Ulemas preach the kind of religion that are loaded with superstition and concoctions that passes as ‘falsified truth’ in common innocent mind. Thus, it fails to protect them from a life of ignorance and failure. Uttering things like commentary of inside grave that cannot physically be known to human beings, but they preach falseness with pride and confidence. The public show of Maulana Tariq Jamil’s is a class of its own that captivates even qualified psychiatrists and neuroscientists with all his flying stories. Some also invent sensuality that are not yet in public mind. Daily Jang once quoted their precautionary recommendation to place some coarse bag in between two person traveling on a motor bike, so to clearly keep them from each other.

There are also breeds of grave therapists, Amils, Peers, Kamils, etc. that fuel ignorance. Driving around Pakistan cities, one could not miss the Martian ads written on the walls promoting the services of Baba Bangali, Parkash Bangali, Kala Amil to name a few. They claim their expertise in Jinnat bashing, goliath smashing, pregnancy to childless mother, restoring love within absconding lovers with guaranteed return within three days. Such ads also appear in newspapers, including in Europe and America. What thrives such nonsense are not people’s ignorance but because they go unchallenged. They go unchallenged because the society itself loaded with superstition and falsehood. And those learned suffer from intellectual lethargy.

So, is it proper to say that the ages old clarion call in Latin - ‘dare to question’, ‘dare to be wise’, ‘dare to use reason’ doesn’t easily work in religion (different from Deen) than it works in science and allopathy. Is it something to do with the nature of religion itself or it is compulsive human nature when it comes to religion. Like chanting Allahu Akbar comes more from emotion than reason, be it Christianity, Judaism or Islam. In this realm we also notice that in Moulvi debate, reason is volatile that point can turn into pure emotion. That’s the time to run away.

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