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Confession by Al-Tabari
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 18 January 2018, 12:52 am

History by Al Tabari

[ The source of all those fictional stories about Karbala , Satanic verses-inside ]

Confession by Al-Tabari

“ The reader should know that with respect to all I have mentioned
and made it a condition to set down in this book of ours,
I rely upon traditions and reports which I have transmitted and
which I attribute to their transmitters. I rely only very exceptionally
upon what is learned through rational arguments and produced
by internal thought processes . For no knowledge of the history
of men of the past and of recent men and events is attainable
by those who were not able to observe them and did not live
in their time, except through information and transmission provided
by informants and transmitters. This knowledge cannot be
brought out by reason or produced by internal thought processes.

This book of mine may (be found to ) contain some information,
mentioned by us on the authority of certain men of the past,
which the reader may disapprove of and the listener may find detestable,
because he can find nothing sound and no real meaning
in it. In such cases, he should know that it is not our fault that
such information comes to him, but the fault of someone who
transmitted it to us. We have merely reported it as it was reported
to us.”

Page 170 actual book -Vol 1 Translated by Franz Rosenthal

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