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Re: To Respected Jawaid Ahmed
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 15 January 2018, 8:50 am
In Response To: To Respected Jawaid Ahmed (Kianusch , IRAN)

I agree that when women are just as competent as men then they must be treated as equal to the competent men.
Remember, the Quran says one male and one woman as witness if two men cannot be found and the second woman is only called if the first woman is unable to bear witness correctly.

56:35 We have given the women among them a new being (wholly different from the Age of Ignorance 56:37.)
56:36 And made them of unparalleled virtue. [Abkara = Of matchless virtue = Untouched by vice = Pure. The word Abkara has been restricted to virginity except by Allama G. A. Parwez. Qamoos and Raghib among the ancient experts of the Quraish dialect give it the correct meaning rendered here, as they cite several examples from ancient Arabic poetry. Interestingly, this is very similar to the wrong translation of ‘a maiden’ to ‘a virgin’ from Greek to English relating to Mary]
56:37 Eloquent, made of the same mettle, harmonious, blending well in the society. [‘Urub from ‘Arabi = Eloquent. Turaab = Dust = Harmonious = Of the same mettle = Well-blended. 43:18, 78:33]
56:38 For the companions of the right hand (the most blessed ones) -
56:39 A good many of those who led in goodness,

Also remind your face book friends that this not about making women half the value of a man, [1 man=2 women], as elsewhere you know that the Quran says FOUR men are needed to prove the guilt of ONE women, THREE will not do so 1 woman testimony is greater than 3 men, as well as her own husband cannot overrule her testimony, so 1 woman = 1 man:

24:4 (Protecting the honor of a woman is extremely important.) Those who accuse noble women and then fail to produce four witnesses (the court of laws shall order to) carry out eighty lashes to such accusers. And never in the future accept their testimony. They have drifted away from morality. [24:23. Faasiq = One who drifts away–from what? Will depend on the context]
24:5 Except those who afterward repent and reform. For God is Forgiving, Merciful.
24:6 As for those who accuse their wives, but have no witnesses except themselves, then let the accuser call God four times to witness that he is telling the truth.
24:7 And the fifth time, that God may reject him if he is telling a lie.
24:8 But punishment shall be averted from her if she calls God four times as Witness that he is telling a lie.
24:9 And the fifth time, that God may reject her if he is telling the truth. [The court shall then punish neither the husband nor the wife, and it infers that the same procedure applies if the wife accuses her husband. The couple in the presence of the court will decide for or against divorce. This procedure in FIQH is called as LA’AN]
24:10 Were it not for God’s favor upon you and His grace (your social fabric would have been undone). God is Clement, Wise.
24:11 Surely, there are numerous among you who would slander others. Think not that this (laws of eighty lashes and calling God to Witness) is harsh for you. Nay, it is good for you since every slanderer will have to account for what he earns through this dragging violation of human dignity. In the Divine System an awesome punishment awaits anyone who magnifies the slander (trying to make it believable).
24:12 Why do not the believing men and believing women, whenever such a rumor is heard, think the best of one another and say, “This is an obvious slander?" [No judgment should be passed without evidence]
24:13 Why do they not (demand of the accusers that they) produce four witnesses? If they do not produce witnesses, they certainly are liars in the Sight of God.

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